Thursday, October 23, 2008


Looking to adopt a cat or dog of your own? I would highly recommend it.

Tiger was adopted by a local animal organization called "Friends for Life." My husband and I were just out walking and I suggested going to our neighborhood pet store to ask them about adopting and integrating a kitten into a home with an older cat. Just happens that right outside the store was Friends for Life and they had some kitties, including my Tiger. He has been the best addition to my life. That was 3 years ago.

Motor was adopted by the local animal organization, "Bless the Beasts." They were showing kittens right outside of Petco. I just happened to be picking up cat food for Tiger and there was Motor. Another great addition to our family.

There is also your local Humane Society for pet adoptions.

A furry friend can add so much love and life into your own life. If you can make the commitment, they are well worth all the effort. And you get so much back for what you give.

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