Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Three days after I adopted Motor, he started getting sick. His eyes were all red and puffy and when he would sleep, they would stick together. The first day we didn't think much about it. By the afternoon of the second day, I was real worried. I wanted to take him in right away so I had to take him to the "emergency" vet. This was just our regular vet squeezing him in on a busy day.

So come to find out, he had conjunctivitis. The vet wasn't sure how he could have gotten it but said he did get it from other cats. None of my other cats had it, so I think I may have adopted him with it but it just had not shown up yet.

$165.00 later, we come home with eye medicine and an antibiotic, and he needs to be separated from the other cats for a week.

But today, hooray, hooray, he has been released from quarantine and has been running and playing all day. I'm so glad he is better.

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