Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Growing Too Fast

Motor is growing up quickly. It is amazing how fast they grow. For a while he was eating twice the amount as Tiger, my 3 year old cat. But he has tapered off and is back to what I would consider normal for a kitty his size.

Motor thinks he is dominate cat. He pushes Tiger away from his food, and he wrestles like a maniac. Tiger is getting mighty growly about it all. He leaves our eldest cat, K.C. alone. She has been growly since the beginning and rarely lets him near her. I think they all share who is dominate cat at different times.

Motor is also a love. When Tiger is not around for him to play with, if I am around, he is with me, usually on my lap. And then he purrs and purrs. Just the sweetest thing.

Thought I would share some new photos. This is Motor at play in my art studio.

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