Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Little Too Aggressive?

Motor scares me. This kitten is fearless. He has earned the nickname "Motor the Flying Cat." Just today he started jumping off the couch right onto Tiger's back. He also flies into Tiger and knocks him down and then begins wrestling. And he just does not stop. I now am trying to protect Tiger. As my husband said, Tiger would protect himself if he needed to. He just takes a lot from Motor before he gets mad and goes after him. Normally Motor is the wrestling initiator.

Today I looked up on the internet about aggressive cat play. I read that if a cat's ears are flat, then they are mad. Otherwise if their ears are normal and up, they are just playing. Good to know. Looks like they are mostly playing. That is while I cringe at the rolling around, jumping, running and biting. Tiger doesn't seem to leave most of the time when they are playing. And he sits outside the door to the room Motor is sleeping in (for now) and waits for him. I guess things are not too bad after all.

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