Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Outside Shelter for Smokey

Smokey, the beautiful Berman cat that adopted us this summer, is outside in the winter cold. I feel really bad about that. It has been very cold here in Northern CA. She is afraid to come into our home. And I'm not sure the other cats would handle another cat in their territory very well.

So I decided that I want to make her some type of outside shelter. The 2 important criterias for me is that it be inexpensive and not too hard for me to make on my own. I found a plan that I think I will try this weekend that came from an organization called SpayandStay. It uses 2 large plastic totes, some hay (don't know where I will find that) and some time. Take a look at it if you need an outside cat shelter.

Smokey is a sweet cat and I just feel awful with her being outdoors. This is the least I can do.

Hey, just talked to my husband on the phone and he said he would help with the project. That's great. This way it will surely get done.

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