Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weight Watchers Momentum and Tiger

My husband Scott is a Weight Watcher leader in Northern CA. He has been a leader for 20 years and recently won the Diamond Leader Award for being in the top 20% of leaders. He also won the Jean Neiditch Service Vision Award for top leader in his region.

Well right now we are watching the training video for the new program that starts today. It seems to be a combination of the flex plan (points) and the core plan. Scott has been following this plan for a week all ready and seems to be pretty happy with it. The plan is called Momentum but some people are calling it the "flore" plan. The last time Weight Watchers changed its plan was 5 years ago.

But what about Tiger and Weight Watchers? Last week, when Tiger was sick, he had to go to the vet. Tiger is a big cat but I had been wondering if he was overweight. The vet put him on the scale and he is close to being overweight for his size. So Scott was joking about maybe sending him to Weight Watchers so he can use the new program. Hah, hah. Not very funny. I love my Tiger but maybe I love him too much with food. I love to give him treats and I know he likes them. But not at the expense of his health. I am a push over when it comes to Tiger. I have a difficult time saying no to him about most things. I have to get better about this and cut back a little on the treats and canned food. It will be better for my boy in the long run.

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