Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lazy Day on Sunday

Just hanging out on a lazy winter day.

You wouldn't believe the weather we have been having here this winter. Sun, sun, sun. The mornings are still chilly, but by the afternoon, it's been warming to a comfortable take a naptime in the sun time of day. We should be getting lots of rain this time of year. But it actually seems like spring is here. And the plants are all ready showing their buds in anticipation.

I love it! Mom lets me go out as long as it is warm. I get to visit with Smokey. Boy, she has really gotten large this winter. Her fur coat has doubled in size. No wonder why she is not using the outdoor shelter Mom made. She might get stuck in the opening! I don't know where she is going at night but she still is in my yard everyday and Mom is still feeding her.

Well, got to go now. I have some exploring to do while the sun is up.


Eric and Flynn said...

You are lucky to get sun and warmth. It is cold here and we may get snow.

Anonymous said...

You are in the right place for a sunny but cool day. You're looking satisfied and contented where you are. (But it sure is fun to go out in the fresh air from time to time, too.)