Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Nightly Ritual

I have gotten into this nightly ritual of feeding the cats tuna for dinner. As soon as I come home from work, they follow me around until we end up in the kitchen and I feed them.

I always give Motor the most, half a can, because he is the youngest and can use to eat more than the other two. He also LOVES tuna. I give all 3 cats tuna at the same time.
Motor will start by eating half of his tuna.

Then he will move onto whoever's plate he is closest to. In this case it was K.C.

In order for Tiger to get to eat his tuna, I have moved his plate away from Motor. When Motor starts eyeing Tiger's plate, I move Motor's plate next to Tiger and try to convince Motor to eat his own food.

And he does finish his plate finally. And then it is on to Tiger's.

In the end, Tiger gives up and Motor gets to finish the rest of his tuna too. Then Motor is off to play!


Angel said...

Motor, you may regret eating so much some day. Tuns is very good. Kirby tried to eat it all, too.

Eric and Flynn said...

We love tuna too. Flynn eats much more than me but never puts on weight. Mum said it is because he runs around like his butt is on fire, but I just stroll around as if tomorrow will do.

Derby said...

Be careful, too much tuna depletes vitamin E in kitties. Yep, its true.

Hettie said...
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Hettie said...

Hmmm... this seems very familiar! :-) I have three cats who also play 'musical dishes'. I have to feed one of them high up, completely away from the others or they steal her food. Strangely, though, the dog steers clear! (Probably fears for his nose-end).