Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please Help, I Need Advice on Feeding My Cats

I have 3 cats with 3 different food needs:
K.C., my older cat, is hyperthyroid, meaning she can eat practically all the time and not gain weight.
Tiger is 3 years old and I have just made him an indoor cat. When I brought him to the vet last, I was told he could use to lose about 3-4 pounds.
And Motor is 9 months old, still considered a kitten, and he is thin.

We have always just left dry food out all day, and then I also gave them 1/6th of a can of wet food at lunch, and about the same for dinner. I figured that when they ate the wet food they would eat less dry food.

They all get the wet food at the same time and so no kitty stays at the bowl I started them out with.

My dilemna is that I need to cut back the food for Tiger, but not the other 2. And if I leave out food for the other 2, Tiger will also eat that food.

Anyone have any ideas how I can deal with this situation? Any help would be very appreciated.

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Angel said...

We had a similar problem when Angel joined us with Wizard. He needed special diet for his kidneys and Angel was still a kitten. Our Vet took her off kitten food and put her on the same diet as Wizard. She did fine and gained weight.