Monday, August 31, 2009

Going to Montana

Tiger: While Dad talks to Motor about his trip to Montana...

Tiger: I'm going to sneak inside his suit case to go with him. I need a vacation! Northern California has been so drab.

Tiger: Ahhh... A perfect fit!

Tiger: Oh no, Motor sees me. (Motor on left)

Tiger: I'll have to distract him. "Hey Motor, come to the window. Smokey is outside."

Tiger: This didn't work at all as planned. Motor got in my suitcase!

Tiger: Oh great, now what do I do?

Tiger: I'll have to create another diversion.

Tiger: "Motor look, the racoons are outside. And it's not even dark out."

Motor: "Tiger, you can't trick me out of this suitcase. I need a vacation too!"

Motor: "OK Dad, I'm ready to go."


Anonymous said...

You should both go. Can't you both fit in there?

Angel and Kirby said...

We love the suitcase too. Our Dad never took us either!

Scott "Q" Marcus said...

How in heck did these two cats show up in Great Falls? And what happened to the tuna sandwich I packed?

Eric and Flynn said...

Maybe your dad should get a bigger suitcase and then you could both stowaway.

Hüseyin GÜNEŞHAN said...

very good