Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Very Best Cats Endure an Earthquake

Wow. We had a rough ride out here in Northern CA. A 6.5 earthquake that felt much bigger than that. The last earthquake we had of any large magnitude was about 15 years ago. This was last saturday. Since then, the earthquake in Haiti has happened. Compared to that one, we were blessed.

My husband and I were in a large grocery store when it happened. No one got hurt, but lots of breakage and ceiling damage there. It was scary. In CA I think we just go along and don't really think about quakes until we experience a large one, and then we are woken up to the fact of where we live.

As we are driving home from the store, my husband is thinking about the damage we might be coming home to. I am thinking about the cats. We had glass breakage in the kitchen, Scott's office was a mess, the bathroom was rearranged, things fell in our bedroom, but all in all, we didn't loose anything we could not replace.

Tiger was hiding under our bed, which is where Motor usually is. I had to coax Tiger out because he just wasn't sure how safe it was. Even then, he was on hyper alert. Motor was no where to be found. And I looked for him. About 3 hours later, he just shows up. That boy is a magician. He disappears and appears when he wants to.

K.C., our older deaf cat was sleeping under the table on a chair, hidden by a table cloth. Her favorite place of late. I think she slept right through it. She couldn't hear anything coming down so all was well for K.C.

Here's a few pictures of what we came home to.

Mantle emptied of all photos...

all dropped to the floor. Miraculously, nothing broke.

Bathroom cabinets emptied.

Everything either in the sink or bathtub.

The one casuality from my art studio.

All in all, not a fun experience for Tiger, Motor, or their Mom.


Angel and Kirby said...

We did not hear about this quake! i was in West Texas and we did not turn on a TV at news time either at the hospital or at the house. We are so glad no one was hurt and you did not have a lot of damage.

Anonymous said...

We can imagine it was very scary. Happy to hear no one got hurt.

Eric and Flynn said...

We didn't hear about it either. Very scary! We are glad no-one was hurt and the kitties were all safe.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Wow, I missed that news too. I lived in the SF Bay Area when the big one hit there...all my loved ones were safe though, and I remember thinking I had a flat tire when I was driving as it happened.

Eric said...

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Angel and Kirby said...

Just checking in after your earth quake to see if you are all OK. We hope the damage has been repaired.

Stop by, we gave you an award!

Anonymous said...

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