Saturday, August 28, 2010

Confessions of a Co-dependent Cat Owner

My husband and I went away for a long weekend this weekend to celebrate our 10th anniversary. This is only the second time I have left Motor at home without me. Tiger has been left a few more times because he is older. And K.C. even more times because she is the oldest. My best friend and their Auntie took care of them by visiting once a day to clean boxes, feed and water, and spend some lap time with them.

Everyone was healthy when I left so at the most, they were probably bored. And they'll probably snub me when I get back. My boy Tiger has done that before. I'll have to work at winning him over.

Whenever I leave them, I cry and cry. These guys are my buddies. I think about leaving them alone for days before I actually leave. Will they be all right? Is this the right thing to do, leaving them alone? What if Tiger starts bullying Motor and I am not there? What about K.C., if she gets sick? I even consider not leaving town because I don't want to be away from them. OK, that is the co-dependent part. If it wasn't my anniversary, I would have stayed home. This was also a business trip for Scott so he could have gone alone. And I made sure I have additional time off when I get home so I can spend time with Tiger and Motor. In my mind I think if I go back to work right away, they would think I was abandoning them. Oh boy, I do have problems.

Cat co-dependent? That's me. My cats are my family. We are bonded. When I am home, they are usually with me. When I go to bed, they are with me. Oh yes, Scott does live here too. When he comes to bed, they have to go downstairs. Maybe that is why all the cats run away when he comes in a room. It's very strange. They have lived with him all their lives. But all 3 flee when he shows up. I tell him to stop scaring my cats. He just shakes his head and laughs.

So that's my confession. I'm hoping there are others out there like me that have this affliction. That way, I am not alone.


Angel and Kirby said...

You are not alone! I am right there with you!

The Cat Guy said...

I can relate. It's hard to leave the cats!

Katnip Lounge said...

My hubby and I are the EXACT same way. We'd rather stay home and play with the cats than go out, or go away.

Eric and Flynn said...

No you aren't alone. Our mum cries too when she leaves us. Phttt! Doesn't stop her going though! She takes lots of photos of us and looks at them on her camera every day she is away too.

Tiger Bead Store/Maria Bella Jewelry said...

Thank you to all who responded. I appreciate knowing that I am not alone. I really, really, really appreciate your feedback.