Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wild Alaska

Motor: Hey Mom! What are you looking at?

Mom: I'm watching a show about animals in Alaska.

Motor: No Mom. I mean, what is that?

Mom: Oh, sorry Motor. That is a owl and her baby chick.

Motor: An owl. What is that?

Mom: It's a big bird. We have owls that live here. I think we have one in the backyard.

Motor: In the backyard! Should I be afraid?

Mom: No Motor. It won't hurt you.

Motor: Are you sure Mom?

Mom: I'm sure Motor.

Motor: Mom, what is that?

Mom: That is a big white bear.

Motor: Do big white bears live in our backyard too?

Mom: Oh no Motor. They live far, far away. In Alaska.

Motor: Oh... so they can't hurt me either.

Mom: No Motor, you are safe.

Motor: OK Mom.

Motor: Hey Mom. What's that?

Mom: That is called a yak.

Motor: What is a yak?

Mom: It's a big ox with horns and lots of funny fur.

Motor: It does look funny Mom. Is the yak in the backyard?

Mom: Nope. All of these animals live in Alaska. Very, very far away.

Motor: Do we have any animals that live in the backyard?

Mom: Oh yes Motor. Remember at night we see the racoons. And one night we saw a possum. And in the daytime, we see Smokey and Mr. Grey.

Motor: We do have a lot of animals in our yard. It's almost like living in Alaska.

Mom: Sure Motor. It's almost like living in Alaska.


Angel and Kirby said...

Motor, we are glad those animals do not live in your back yard or in ours! THey can stay in Alaska.

Eric and Flynn said...

You found that programme very interesting didn't you Motor. It would be scary to find a bear in your backyard.