Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So I am taking Smokey to the vet on thursday. I want to get her tested to see if she is disease free and able to become an indoor cat with the boys. I feel terrible knowing she is outside in the winter weather. She does stay in the shelter I made, but she still has to be cold.

Whether or not I get her to the vet depends on if I can get her to go in a carrier. I don't know if she will, but I am going to try by putting food inside.

If I get her to the vet, she tests disease free, then the fun part of trying to integrate the three cats will begin. I hope it goes a lot easier than I am afraid it will. Smokey and Tiger have known each other for years, but they have not shared a home. And Motor is just scared of anything new.

Tiger has been more aggressive with Motor since K.C.'s passing, so I'm hopeing that, once again, having 3 cats, will change that. It worked the first time. I can only hope for the best.


Deb said...

Tuna usually works well.
I always start by putting the new cat in a room by itself for a few days. I take 'baby steps' with the introduction. One cat at a time is usually best. Good luck with them. I hope it works out so she can come inside. She sure is a beauty. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

Angel and Kirby said...

Good luck! I hope it works out for Smokey!

The Cat Guy said...

yea for Smokey! I hope she is all healthy so she can have a great warm and loving home!! When I introduced new cats into the family, I take it slow (like a week or more). Baby-steps indeed. I think I got my approach from Pam Johnson-Bennett's "Think Like A Cat", which has worked great twice now!

Katnip Lounge said...

Good luck capturing Smokey! She is gorgeous. Switching bedding has worked well for us. Patience is the key.

Eric and Flynn said...

Smokey is very pretty. We hope you can get her in the carrier and her tests are all good.