Sunday, March 13, 2011

Get to High Ground!

Friday morning, 5:00am, I heard my phone ring in the back of the house.  I my half awake state, I thought, this cannot be good.  Either it is a wrong number, or someone I know was hurt.  I decided to believe it was a wrong number and fall back asleep.

Once I was dressed for work, I headed to my office, dreading what I might hear on my message machine.  I had 2 phone calls waiting for me.  My good friend and my sister from the east coast both called to tell me we had a serious tsunami warning for the CA coast.  Estimated time of arrival was 7:30am.  I take a look at the clock and it is 7:25am.  OK, time to wake up Scott.

He gets up quickly and we both go turn on the TV to see what is going on.  Yes, there are coastal warnings all over the news.  Now we do live close to the coast.  About a five minute drive and there you are.   But supposedly, we are just outside the tsunami warning area.  Who really knows this is true, I'm not quite sure.

My sister came over while we were trying to decide what to do.  Motor decided right away what he was going to do.  Take to higher ground!!  I couldn't find him at first.  When I finally did, there he was.

This is one of two of Motor's safe places.  It is the very top shelf of the bookcase in my office/studio.  Good choice Motor!


Mr Puddy said...

Smart Motor!

Angel and Kirby said...

We are glad you are all OK. Motor had the right idea!

Eric and Flynn said...

Good thinking Motor. We are glad you weren't affected by the tsunami.