Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A New Treat

Friends, it's me again, Motor.

I want to share something awesome that Mom Made for me.

We went to visit our friends at the Katnip Lounge a few weeks ago and we saw that they had real grass growing in their catio.  We were amazed and asked Mom to make us some too.  Mom liked the idea too so she gave it a good try.

This was her first attempt.


Pretty sad, huh? It was green.  And I did have fun digging in it.  But this was not like the Katnip Lounge's grass.  They actually have grass they can sleep in!

Then she surprised me with this!!  I can't roll around in it,  but it makes a great treat.

I just love grass!! I like to chew and chew on the grass, and try to pull it out of the dirt. And then I chew up more. What a good treat!  And Tiger doesn't care anything about it.  So it's all mine.

Mom did good.


Katnip Lounge said...

Motor, Our Daddy tried three times before he got a good grass crop for us. "Tall Fescue" grows well for us here in Las Vegas. He tried a piece of sod first, and that was a disaster! It died almost right away.
So tell your Mom not to give up! Surprisingly, grass is HARD to grow. Who knew?
Your grass looks tasty! That's what we get for a treat, too. Cuz SomeCat pees in our grass!

Angel and Kirby said...

Angel loves grass. She is the only one really interested in it here. Ours looks like your Mom's first try, too!

Cat said...

Grass always sprouts up in the flower beds very well so I always wonder why it won't grow when we are actually trying to cultivate it - LOL!!!

Tiger Bead Store, The Very Best Cats said...

Thank you all for your kind words of support. And special thanks to
Katnip Lounge. We wanted to ask you how you grew your grass, but we didn't want to intrude. My Mom learns about lots of new things when we visit the Lounge.