Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big News for The Very Best Cats

Yesterday, my husband adopted a dog. The Very Best Cats now has a DOG!!! How can that be???

We've been talking about adopting a rescue pet for a while now, and my husband wanted a dog to keep him company during the day. He works at home and he wanted some company. So for the last 2 weeks, he has been visiting the shelters, different animal adoption groups, and asking friends about adoptable dogs.

We wanted a smaller sized dog, about the size of Tiger or a little larger. Tiger is 18lbs. at last weigh in. Not a puppy. House trained. But the most important feature that we wanted/needed was that the dog be cat friendly.

Meet Jack. He is all that and more. Jack is 4 years old and a schnauzer or schnauzer mix. And he has the sweetest personality. Scott did good finding him. He is very loveable. I can't believe how much I like him. I have never had a dog before. Scott had one many years ago. And Tiger and Motor have never had a dog either.

This is just day 2 and Tiger and Motor are very cautious. They are not quite sure what this beast is doing in their home. Funny thing about introducing him to the cats, Motor, who is my fearful boy, didn't hide or stay very far away. He was brave and curious so he got pretty close to checking Jack out. Tiger, my brave boy, really kept his distance. He would hiss and growl, and even lashed out at Jack if they both got too close.

Of course, best case scenario that Scott and I are hoping for is that they will all get along. And that Tiger will start being less aggressive with Motor. Tiger has been just a butt lately, but now they seem to be bonding around their curiosity of Jack.

Now we will have to change the name of our blog to The Very Best Cats (and Jack).

Please wish us luck in our new family experiment. I think all our pets will be more at ease in a week. It may take more or less time, but we are on our way.


Angel and Kirby said...

Good luck Jack! YOu are a cutie!

Mr Puddy said...

MR. Jack, Wewlcome to the cat world !!!

Katnip Lounge said...

Hello Jack! Welcome Home.
Bless your husband (and you!) for adopting an older pet.

The Cat Guy said...

Welcome Jack! Hopefully you learn quick that Tiger and Motor rule the house.

Cat said...

Wow, this is really big news!!! Good luck, we hope everyone settles in quickly :-)

Eric and Flynn said...

Jack looks a sweetie. We hope everyone soon becomes good friends.