Friday, June 3, 2011

A Very Busy Week

I have been so busy this last week that I haven't had a chance to do a post.

Last weekend, I took a couple of days off from work, and combined them with my 3 day weekend to make a mini vacation.   My husband and I went away to our favorite cabin on the river and had a nice relaxing time.  We were both hopeing for some sun, but the weather turned out to be just like where we live, sunny rainy, sunny, rainy, and even some hail.  We just can't seem to get a break from this rain.

While we were gone, my sister took care of all the cats at our home.  Tiger, Motor and Smokey were all glad when we got back.  

This last week at my job was crazy.  My first day back to work I find a co-worker was fired.   Sad news but the job must go on, only with less people doing all the work.  At the end of my workdays,  I was too tired to write or work on my online businesses.  What I really wanted to do was be creative and so I made more cat designs for my cat store,  Meow Meow Bow Wow Gifts.

Here are a few of my new ones:

I like these ones a lot.  They are simple and bold and graphic.  I think right now my favorite and most fun thing to do is make new cat designs.  My love of cats is my inspiration for Meow Meow Bow Wow Gifts. 

And now it is friday night.  Tiger and Motor are waiting for me to play bird, or our new favorite game, mousie.  Last night I decided we needed new toys so we made mousie and peek-a-boo  mousie.  We all had a lot of fun.

So off to give my cats some play time.  Hope everyone who reads this blog post has a very nice weekend, and some sunshine too.


The Cat Guy said...

vacation sure sounds nice, and good it wasn't you that got the axe! yikes.

who enjoys the kitty play more, you or the kitties?! enjoy!!

Katnip Lounge said...

Time off is good, no matter the weather. I love your Catman design, I got hubby a mug for father's day...or rather, the Cats did!

The Cat Guy said...

Hi - it looks like you might have decided to go back on vacation! Hope all it well in The Very Best Cats-land!