Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Best Part of the Day

The best part of my day is around 8:00 at night.  I usually stop working at that time and get ready to relax.  I get my tiger blanket, put it on my lap, and wait for Motor to get on my lap.  I don't have to wait too long.  Motor loves to lay and fall asleep on my lap.
Motor Sleeping
I made my tiger blanket, well, because I like tigers.  Such gorgeous animals.  But I thought it would be my special blanket for Tiger.  Tiger has not even once sat on my lap with this blanket.  Tiger is much more difficult to persuade on my lap.  He usually waits until I am ready to go upstairs to bed.  So while my lap is taken up with Motor, Tiger ends up on Scott's lap.  Every night.

Can you guess who this is?
And this?
And in this one?
Oh, and who else could be lounging on his Dad's lap?
Then after an hour or so, the boys and I, go upstairs and hang out on the bed.  I'm usually reading and they are relaxing and falling asleep.  But first, Tiger has to look out the window to our yard to see if there is anything happening, like Smokey stopping by to eat.  Sometimes Motor will join him.  And then when they have had enough, they are ready to relax and settle down.

Night watch.
This week, my husband was working in the evenings and Jack decided to stay on the bed with me,  Well this disrupted everything.  The kitties stayed away and slept in another room.  I love Jack, but I am ready to get the orange boys back.  I'm hoping it will be tonight.    


Mr Puddy said...

Tiger !!!! I'm crazy about daddy's lap too, but you have more action than me..MOL
Have a lovely day my friends

Angel and Kirby said...

Mom says you are so sweet to lay in your peoples laps. WE do not do that!

Eric and Flynn said...

We both have our favourite laps too. Eric likes dad's, and I Flynn like to cuddle up with mum.

lorik said...

I love Motor! He looks very much like my Melody (after she has been on a diet) and my ginger cats before her, Amber and Megsy. Not very imaginative names for ginger cats are they?!