Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey, That's Mine!

Last week Scott received a package that had a lot of packing paper in it. Motor decided he liked it so my husband left it on the floor for him. Motor has always liked sitting on paper. I can be reading the sunday paper and Motor will walk over and sit on the parts of the paper that haven't been read yet.

So anyway, these papers were left for Motor. But anything Motor claims, Tiger has to take over. So Tiger, in the dominate male cat role, feels he needs to clean himself there, and just sit there till Motor leaves. Motor leaves, Tiger leaves. Motor goes back, Tiger goes back.

It's been a week that Motor has had his papers and he hasn't lost interest. It's amazing how something this simple, can bring so much pleasure. And what makes Motor happy, makes his Mom happy too.

This second photo is of Motor, watching out for Tiger's arrival. We both know he will appear at any moment.

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