Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Christmas Tree

Motor: Tiger, come here!

Motor: I need your help putting up the Christmas tree.

Tiger:  What's going on Motor? It looks like you have this covered. Half of the tree is all ready up. You don't need my help.

Motor:  Tiger! Don't walk away from me!  I can't finish it by myself.  If we put this up now, we can surprise Mom when she gets home from work.  She'll be so happy with us, I'm sure she'll give us extra treats.

Motor: TIGER!!!!!!!!!!  OK, I can see I am on my own.  See if I share any of my extra treats with you.
(look closely and you can see Tiger's tail by the window)


Angel and Kirby said...

Motor, Did you get it put up? Did you get extra treats? And what will Christmas Morning bring?

Eric and Flynn said...

We only got our tree up last night, but mum said we were a big help.