Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Missing Smokey

I am very distressed these days because I have not seen Smokey in over a week.  This is not like her at all.  We were in a regular routine of meeting for her dinner, even after Jack, our dog, was added to the family.  I call for her in the morning, afternoon and evening.  I had been leaving food out in the evening, and it was being eaten, but I wasn't sure if it was Smokey or not.

Two mornings ago, there was a large orange and white cat sitting on our hot tub, just outside my bedroom window.  This is the same cat that I saw in my yard when Mr Grey went missing.   Did he scare Smokey out of the yard too?  I'm not sure.  Or did Smokey have a run in with Jack?

I am trying to hold out hope that she will show up again.  I have an outdoor shelter put out for her with lots of soft fluffy blankets, in a place where Jack cannot bother her.   Maybe she found a new home that is taking care of her better than I was.  If she has to be gone, that is my wish for her.  That she has a warm place to sleep, plenty of food to eat, and lots and lots of love.  But it makes me sad to not have her around.  I have been taking care of her since before we adopted Motor, and Motor is 3 years old now.

Jack is sitting right beside me now, and Tiger just walked in.  Motor has been sleeping on the top of his cat climbing furniture.  Oh, Tiger just woke him up.   I have all my babies here with me but one.

Please send Smokey some positive thoughts, that she is well tonight, no matter where she is. 



Angel and Kirby said...

We will keep Smokey in out thoughts and prayers

The Cat Guy said...

I love the new look to your blog! Very fresh and lively.

Will send prayers for Smokey that she re-appears soon and is well. I know all about worrying about outside kitties! It's tough. I'm glad that she has you to take care of her.

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