Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Do you have any special names for your cats other than the one you named them originally?  I have so many names for Motor, I thought I would share.

Anyone who reads this blog knows Motor got his name because he constantly purrs.  When he goes on and on, he is like a revving engine.

But Motor gets called Da Motor, Da Motors, Motors, Mo, Mojo, Momo, Mo-me, Buddy, Little Buddy, Little Big Buddy, My Motors, Motorific, Pumpkin, Punkin, Punk.  I'm sure there are some I am forgetting, but that is a pretty good list.

I don't seem to have as many for Tiger for some reason.  I call him Big Buddy, Tie-tie, Mr T, Tigeronious, Tigerific, Punk, Punk Punk. That's all I can think of right now.

Together, though, they are the orange boys.  

Any special names you would like to share?


Angel and Kirby said...

CUte nicknames. Kirby gets called Kirbster. Lately , though, I have been calling him Willie Olsen (Little House on the Prairie) because he likes to pick on Angel. But then, she is his sister Nellie cause she teases him and eggs him on!

Eric and Flynn said...

Mum has lots of weird names she calls us.
Flynn: Flynnyskins, Flinderpins,Chimmy Chipsticks, Chipperman, Snugglebum, Handsomepants and lots more.
Eric: Big E, Flumpalump, HunkaMunka, OobyDoo,Mr EasyPeasy and more.
We don't know how she thinks up these names, but if it keeps her happy............

Katnip Lounge said...

OMC, the nicknames we get! The two worst are The Baby's: Bibblety-bobblety-boo, and John's: Fatty Fatty Boombalatty!

Tiger Bead Store, The Very Best Cats said...

These are great!! Thank you so much for sharing. Eric and Flynn, where do we get these names? I don't quite know.