Monday, March 19, 2012

A Visit With My Dad

Tiger:  Hey, what is Dad doing?  Taking a break from working?  In the afternoon?  I think I'll just go sneak over and pay him a visit. See what is really going on.  Then I'll report back to Mom.

Scott:  "Hey Tiger, what's the haps?"

Tiger:  Wait a minute.  He doesn't really see me does he?  I am ignoring him.

Tiger: I think I'll turn around and act like I just noticed that he was sitting near me.

Tiger: I was going to do some investigating for Mom, but Dad has one of my favorite black shirts on.   And you know how much I like it when he wears black.   

Tiger: I'll give him the full body rub. I know he likes that.

Tiger:   One more pass should do it...

Tiger:  And... done.  My work is finished here.  Oh yeah, I was going to find out why he was taking a break.  That shirt made me lose my focus.  Oh well...Mom will never know.  Time to go find Motor. 


Angel and Kirby said...

WE know your Dad loved your body rubs!

Eric and Flynn said...

Ginger fur always looks so good on black!

Tiger Bead Store, The Very Best Cats said...

Dad does like those kitty rubs, even if he protests. And yes, ginger fur does look good on black. We think so.