Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is There Any Room Left for Me?

My husband just got back from a work trip.  He was gone for a week and I was in charge of taking care of our 3 pets.  Usually Tiger and Motor sleep with me at night, and Jack sleeps in the spare room.   But he decided to join us while Scott was gone.  That did not leave me much room for me.

Tiger and Jack liked sleeping glued to my sides.  And Motor liked sleeping on the other pillow by my head.  Somehow, I got to sleep in the space between Jack and Tiger.  It was a tight squeeze to get in the bed, and a tight squeeze to get out.   But we managed to make it through the week. 

I know I could have sent them all out of the room and had the bed to myself.  But I wouldn't have wanted to things any other way.


The Cat Guy said...

I love sleeping with my kitties! Buddy cuddles right up to me with his head resting against my face and my pillow. All the other cats have their place too. Moving is not an option! We have thought of getting a bigger bed to accommodate everyone, but then we realized they like sleeping touching the humans, so we still wouldn't be able to move with a bigger bed!

Repositório said...

Kittyes and beds!!!! Purrrrfect!

Angel and Kirby said...

And where will Scott fit into this mix!

mythreemoggies said...

Bringing you a bit of Sunshine!