Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Patience of a Dog

Tiger & Motor:  We apologize for being gone so long.  Mom has been very busy and she told us she didn't have the time to write.  We told her we were not very happy with her and that we would go on a hunger strike until she got back on the computer.  Well, our strike didn't last very long.  She opened a can of wet food and what were we supposed to do?  Mom doesn't play fairly.  Because of our strike, she did see that we were upset and told us she would write as soon as she could.  Finally!

The Patience of a Dog

Mom: Hey Tiger. What's up? I'm just hanging out here with Jack
Tiger:  With Jack?  He smells.  Why would you want to do that?
Mom:  Tiger!
Tiger: I guess I will join you both here.
Mom: Uh, Tiger, you keep putting your tail in Jack's face.
Mom: Uh, Tiger?
Mom: Why hey Motor. Thanks for joining us.
Motor: Mom, what is Tiger doing?
Motor:  TIGER, you keep hitting Jack with your tail!
Tiger:  Motor, who's side are you on anyway?  Remember, you are a cat!  Well I'm leaving. Seems I am just not appreciated for who I am.   
Motor: Jack, I'm sorry about Tiger. He can be such a nuisance sometimes.
Jack: Yeah, I've noticed.


Katnip Lounge said...

ha ha ha!!! We had a dog merely visit us, and we were WAY ruder! You two are verreh tolerant.

Angel and Kirby said...

Very funny! I love the tail on the nose!