Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tiger and Jack

Just a couple of new photos of the kids, Tiger and Jack, hanging out on the bed together. Often times, Jack just looks like a messy mass of fur. But this photo was taken right after he was groomed. He is a little less messy than usual. The reason for the shirt is because he is constantly scratching and biting at himself. We have had him almost a year now, and we have tried our best to figure this out for him. We've spent lots of money on different products. We try them once, they don't work for him, we add that product to our collection of other products that didn't work for him. We have tried changing his diet. Still, no change. Back to the reason for the shirt, if we don't cover his sides, he will scratch himself raw.

In these photos, Jack has his Halloween shirt on. No, this photo was not taken in the fall. We just have a limited selection of shirts for him. Right now, while I am writing, he is sleeping next to me with his "Mommy's Little Monster" shirt on. Of course, my favorite.

Not much new with Tiger and Motor. Right now, they are sunning in their catio. They are both doing well. I get to spend the day by myself with them today. I love days like this!


Eric and Flynn said...

Looks like Tiger gets on well with Jack. Sunning in the catio is a good way to spend time.

Angel and Kirby said...

Poor Jack. We wish there was a magic solution to his itch!