Thursday, August 23, 2012

Things My Husband Likes to Put On Tiger

As ornery as Tiger can be, he can also be very sweet. And VERY patient. My husband seems to think it is funny to put thing on Tiger to see how long he will leave them on. These are just a few photos.
Tiger with my tee shirt on.
Tiger with a cell phone.
Tiger with his sweat pants, Scott's that is.
Tiger with my husband's polar fleece vest.
You may remember this one-Tiger at Christmas.
And Tiger with a tennis shoe on his back.  You can see how much fun gets out of this.

What else have I seen him put on Tiger? The remote control, papers, books, you name it. I am not as enamored with this game as my husband is. I know he is not hurting them.  Just not something I would think of doing to my pets. 

He has even tried it on Motor. Of course, Motor will just run. Smart Cat. 



Angel and Kirby said...

There is a whole website about this!

Eric and Flynn said...

We were going to say about "Stuff on my Cat" too.

The Cat Guy said...

That make's be think of Trish's hubby over at the Katnip Lounge. I was starting to think maybe this is something men are into, but that's not true cuz I'm a guy and I don't like doing anything that makes my cats uncomfortable in the slightest.

Maybe there's a 12-step group for people who get their jollies by putting stuff on their cats.