Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The other night, when Scott was coming to bed, this was the scene. motor was snuggled up behind Tiger, who was snuggled up to me. he was able to get a couple fo sweet pictures.

Tiger is closest to me with the lighter colored fur.

These guys come upstairs with me every night but usually they are at the foot of the bed. Tonight, I am being abandoned. They are both sleeping in the spare bedroom. I can't say when the last time they slept in there was.

 I wonder why tonight?  I miss them all ready.


The Cat Guy said...

I woke up in the middle of the night the other day to find all five cats on the bed with me! Last night I woke to find Theo stretched out on his side with Nahum curled up in a ball between Theo's front and back legs! I love seeing how they change their sleeping places each night, thankfully they most always sleep with me on the bed!

Angel and Kirby said...

THat is very sweet, but where did Scott sleep!