Monday, November 26, 2012

More New Designs at Meow Meow Bow Wow Gifts

I have been so delinquent in my writing and I really miss writing about The Very Best Cats.  Since I have been working at home more, I have also been dealing with either tendonitis or minor carpel tunnel issues in my right hand that have made doing any extra typing other than what is necessary or run my online businesses, painful.  Probably more painful would be the truth because my hand hurts even when I am typing what I need to.

I miss all my fellow cat bloggers.  I hope whoever reads our post had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that everyone is well.

I have been diligently working on new designs for Meow Meow Bow Wow Gifts lately.  I just thought I would share a few of my new designs.    

This is an image I reworked from the original.

This is a vintage cat illustration by Louis Wain.  I call it "Coffee Cat."

Another Louis Wain vintage illustration.  "Kimono Cats Have Tea."

And these last 2 are also Louis Wain illustrations. 

Why so much Louis Wain art?  I just love it!
I have more new, and I have some Christmas/holiday images available on all types of gift items. And the company where I have Meow Meow Bow Wow Gifts located has something on SALE EVERYDAY. So if you need a special gift for yourself or someone you know that likes cats, dogs, or other wildlife, please, stop by and take a look. You may find the perfect present!