Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reading the Signs

Does your cat leave you messages?  Signs that they need or want something from you that you obviously are not seeing on your own.

Well this is one of mine.  Tiger leaves this one for me.

He goes into our spare room where we store packing supplies, and he comes out with styrofoam  pellets and he leaves them in the food bowl when the food is getting low.  Tiger's way of saying, "pay attention Mom."  He has been doing this behavior for a while now.

The other night, we had a new sign left open for interpretation.

What you may not be able to see in this photo is the crumbs that Jack left from eating a dog biscuit.  Tiger decided to leave his toy mouse AND styrofoam in this same exact location.  Why?  I am not sure.  There even was a styrofoam trail in my hallway to this location.   I know Tiger was communicating with me, but I still am not sure what his message was.

So when I saw him, I asked him what was up.  What did he need. 

And this was the answer I got.  That's my Tiger.  Just gotta love him. 


Angel and Kirby said...

We get a blue sparkle ball in the empty food bowl. Not every day, just every now ant then!

The Cat Guy said...

how fun! I love it when the cats leave messages. I especially love it when I wake up in the morning and find that one of them has left me a gift of their favorite toy by my side of the bed!

Marilia said...

Heheh! Funny!