Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Brother, Little Brother

Motor, aka Little Brother, will follow Tiger around anywhere he goes. And he is full tilt energy at 5 months. It is rare that Motor takes down time. So Tiger has a shadow all day long, unless he can get away. Tiger has come up with new sounds I had never heard before until Motor arrived. Different types of throaty growls to let Motor know he has had it. And still, Motor will test Tiger over and over to see if he can get Tiger to play.

Tiger is funny too. I will separate the 2 cats because I can see Tiger does not want to play and they will both sit on opposite sides of the door, waiting until I open it for them. Then Motor goes back to bugging Tiger, and Tiger growls. One of the ways Tiger gets away is to go out. Now that the weather is colder, he is not getting to go out as much as he would like. It used to be he would be gone for the day, but now he comes back every hour or so, just to check in, see Motor, and if I will let him out again, off he goes.

So it seems Tiger has a love-hate relationship with Motor, and Motor has a love-love relationship to Tiger. Tiger is his idol, his big brother. There seems to be a lot of first child, second child issues here. Tiger was my main kitty man for 3 years and I can admit spoiled. Now he has to share that time with Motor and he does not like it. I understand that myself, coming from a large family. There seems to be a similarity whether it is multiple cats, or multiple people. We all just want to be loved and feel like we are the most special to our care takers.

Tiger is out this morning. The first day time in 3 days since the weather has been bad. And Motor, he is scaling the tree right now, keeping himself entertained. The joys of having a kitten. I wouldn't trade it if I could. Now Tiger, on the other hand...

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