Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hanging with Motor

Motor and I are hanging out together before we go to sleep. Actually he is trying to sleep while I type.

Motor is a sweet, sensitive boy, and very shy. He hides from everyone but me. I wish he wasn't so fearful. Makes me wonder what his life was like before I adopted him. My step-sons are coming to visit in 2 weeks bringing an entourage of friends and a small dog. I think this will be difficult for Motor. And then for me because I am sensitive to Motor and want to protect him. Usually our lives are pretty quiet, just the way I like it. Motor too.

He is in the last few months of being a kitten. He is 9 months old. I think he will still get bigger. Right now he has a long lanky body like a teenager, and the meow of a kitten. I don't want his meow to change. And his face is still a bit of a kitten face. I don't want that to change either. My baby is growing up.


cwcwccw said...

cI like the kitten face too.

Joanne, Jane, Jill, Johnny, Jay boy, Jasmine & Capu from Singapor

Angel said...

He is a sweet kitten. We realized how much Kirby has changed in the last 4 months. He will be a year old in June. He is tall and lanky and his face is more pointed than before, He still has that baby voice.

Eric and Flynn said...

Does Motor have a favourite nap spot that can be kept quiet and out of bounds from everybody? He will probably cope better than you expect and find himself somewhere to hide away.

Karen Jo said...

I hadn't realized that Motor was so shy. Maybe you can make one room a hideaway for him if he gets too stressed with all the company.

Testagrossa Jewelry Design said...

Thanks to everyone for your advice. I think he will be living under my bed most of the time we have company.

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