Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Short Vacation

My husband and I took a few days off together and went away to a remote cabin in Gasquet. It was perfect, just what we were looking for. Only problem was climbing up a mountain on a gravel toll road, almost 3 miles, then back down the mountain on a narrower, more gravely private road. Once we were there, it was beautiful. Rustic cabin overlooking the Smith River. Lots of quiet and time to connect. No phones, no computers. Time for us to unplug from our busy daily lives and just be together. That's what we needed.


Angel and Kirby said...

I can see how that would be restful! Beautiful country!

Eric and Flynn said...

That looks to be a beautiful idyllic place. Glad you both had a good holiday.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

awww, we used to live in Grants Pass. Your photos make us miss it, though it's pretty here too, cuz we live on a lake. We just found your blog and signed up to follow, and we look forward to getting to know you!