Friday, June 5, 2009

The Invisible Motor

So my 2 step-sons came to visit last night with 3 other friends and a cute little dog. The will be here for a week, in and out. Motor was sleeping restfully on my legs when the doorbell rang and got up fast and took off for my art studio. That was the last time I saw him last night. I called and called and looked everywhere I could think of and he was no where in sight. He does have this ability to disappear and not be able to be found for hours. Sometimes it is scary.

Anyway, I am afraid that this will be his week, hiding from the guests. This guy is my baby and I so relate to his shyness. When I was younger, I was like that for years. Being shy is very painful. So I always try to give Motor as much love and attention as he needs since I am his #1 human. He's a love bug. And so sweet. To bad not many people get to see that side of him.

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Angel and Kirby said...

We understand! Angel is the same way. She has been here ofer a year and will just now come out to see mt daughter and her kids