Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Icing in the Center of an Oreo Cookie

My husband has been out of town the last few days. When he goes away, I get to let the cats sleep with me on the bed. I use the word "sleep" but a lot of times it is just the opposite. I am up and down with them, seeing if they want to go downstairs to be able to run and play because THEY are not sleeping. Of course, I could choose to let them out of the room. If I have a couple of nights with the ups and downs, by the third night I have to sleep, and downstairs they go.

A couple of nights ago, Tiger, Motor and I were all sleeping VERY soundly. I had about a foot of room to myself, Tiger glued to my right side, Motor on the left. I could not move without waking them up. I felt like the center of an oreo cookie, sandwiched in on both sides. I know, this is the sacrifice a cat lover makes for her kitties. If I moved, they would have left the room and I love being with them so instead of waking them up, I periodically was able to stretch my aching leg, the one that was cramping from being in the same place all night long. And my knee was also hurting badly that night, but no, I did not send them away.

(Insert image of Mom, squashed in the center, and you get the idea.)

My husband would not have tolerated this at all. Of course, he has a different relationship to the boys. He just goes about his business, gives them a little attention, and they LOVE him. MY TIGER, will jump on his lap at night and head bump Scott for attention. He will let Scott pet him for longer durations than he lets me, and he will purr and purr and purr. Tiger never purrs for me. Am I jealous? Sure I am. But that is another story.

I love my boys. They bring a lot of life to our otherwise quiet home. There's a lot I would do for my babies. I guess one night of discomfort is just a part of it.


Angel and Kirby said...

Our Wizard would sleep between us or cuddled up to one of us. We miss that since neither Angel or Kirby will cuddle, thou they will sleep at the foot of the bed.

Eric and Flynn said...

Flynn sleeps full stretch down the centre of the bed so he is the sandwich. Eric likes to lie across our pillows and every now and again gives us a tap on the head.