Thursday, July 9, 2009

Motor Finds a New Place to Play

Welcome to our bathroom.

One evening, Motor discovered the bathtub. First he went in and discovered there was water to drink. And oh, that was fun.

Then, another evening later, Motor is back in the bathtub and discovers that jumping on the shower curtain gets him attention! And if he uses his claws, he gets to make big holes in the curtain and that brings him a LOT of attention. My new shower curtain. Clean, new, cute fish design to match our bathroom theme. Ugh.

Now, if I am in the bathroom to long, in he goes and he paws at the curtain until I stop what I am doing and focus on him. Very smart boy.

So if I am ever upstairs and looking for Motor in hiding, I'll just take a look through the new lovely holes in my shower curtain to find the cute orange rascal.


Angel and Kirby said...

Mine love the bath tub but play between the two curtains . I wonder what the fascination is?

Eric and Flynn said...

We like to play in the bath too.We have pingpong balls in it that we chase. Mum has to leave the tap dripping for us to drink. We won't drink from our water bowls.