Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An Upsetting Story (at least to me)

While at work today, a customer that I like told me he just moved into a new house and his bull dog keeps getting out of the fence. He said it wouldn't be so bad except there are a lot of cats in the neighborhood and their owners are not so happy about it.

After talking a little more, he told me that his dog likes cats like kitty treats. His dog has killed cats. He explained that the dog gives the cat a choice to leave. Just that if they pick the wrong escape route, that's their mistake. This was his justification that he felt all right about it. Of, and then he continued to explain how cats eat mice. It's all part of the life cycle.

Wow. This really distressed me. Obviously he doesn't like cats. I KNOW he loves his dog. Would he feel the same if his dog was killed by a mountain lion? Or hit by a car? I think not.

Makes me glad I decided to keep all my cats indoors or in their catio.

People often surprise and disappoint me when it comes to their views on the treatment of animals.


Angel and Kirby said...

In or area, dogs are taken away from the owners if the will not stay in the yard and are killing other pets. The thought is that they may start hurting children.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

You need to report this to animal control, as they will track complaints and cite this awful excuse for a human being!

Eric and Flynn said...

That is awful! He is obviously proud of the fact that his dog is a cat killer to want to tell people about it. Unfortunately it is impossible to stop a cat from going into other gardens, but he should ensure that his dog can't get out of his garden.

catsintrees said...

Eugh. Horrible story. When I moved here, the new neighbour told me one of his three dogs used to be a cat killer. And that he trained it out of it. Never had any problems, although all cats have ventured or fallen into that garden with the dogs once in their lives. But he is a real animal lover.