Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Greatest Gifts

This Christmas, my husband and I are doing Christmas differently. We decided not to exchange gifts, and to just enjoy the day together, and spend time with my family later in the day.

A couple of reasons why we decided not to do the gift thing: my husband is self-employed and his business is slow right now, and we all ready have enough stuff. I wasn't sure how I would feel the day of Christmas doing things this way, but it actually feels fine. I am the one that decided we had enough stuff. I don't need any more knick knacks, or clothing, or stuff. If I need or want something for myself, I will go buy it. I just feel in a place of contentment with all I have.

My life is all ready blessed with a loving husband and a good marriage, a comfortable home, and a steady job, which in these times, is a lot to be thankful for. I am healthy and the rest of my family is also and that is something I am truly thankful for. We had a scare with my Mom this year. She lives alone and had a stroke and my brother found her before too much time had gone by and she was taken to the hospital right away. That was in early October. She is much better now.

Two of my greatest gifts are Tiger and Motor (Motor is left, Tiger is right). I didn't know what it was like caring for a pet until I adopted Tiger. And he has opened my world in ways I would not have known. He is my constant companion. Follows me around everywhere. Howls for me when he can't find me. A true kitty buddy. (Tiger below in basket)

And Motor, my goofball buddy. He truly is pure joy. Reminds me everyday to be thankful to be alive. In the morning I call him the bullet because he runs upstairs to greet me. Motor is unconditional love. Not many people get to see him because he is frightened by so many things, which is a shame. But with me, and most of the time Scott, he is just a love bug. (That's Motor, behind the curtain)

Unless you have a pet that you truly spend time with, you will never know just how much giving they do just by being themselves. If you let them, they can help you open your heart to love and being loved. That's what my boys have done for me. And they have helped me open my heart to other animals as well. I learn a lot from them. (Hard to tell, but Tiger is on the right)

So these are some of the thoughts I had today, on Christmas. I am content, at peace, and surrounded with love. What more could I ask for?


Angel and Kirby said...

We have not exchanged gifts for years. WE are approaching our 40th anniversary and like you are content with our lives. If we really want something or need it, we go get it!

Wizard brought that love to like your two boys have. Neither Angle or Kirby are cuddle kitties but want to be close to me. They are truly a blessing.

Eric and Flynn said...

What more indeed!
We don't exchange gifts either. We enjoy our holidays and would rather put the money towards them.
We have had cats most of our married life(38 years) with the exception of the four years after our first cat died. We were so heartbroken that we didn't think we could get another one, but of course we did, and at one time we had eleven cats. When my mother in law died, we took on her ten cats as well as our own.Flynn is such a cuddlebug. He will go outdoors, but will come back about every 15-20 minutes to check on me, and whenever I am on the computer, he is always there. Eric like to sleep on our pillows at night so he can be close to us.

catsintrees said...

In a way that's what it's all about. About the things you already have and appreciating them.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Your post made us smile, and know that life's sad times can be made happy, just by a cat (or 2 or 5)...wishing you the happiest in 2010!