Thursday, December 2, 2010

Feeding Outdoor Cats in the Winter - Food Stations

Before I went on my last vacation, I was worried about the outdoor cats getting fed. My sister was going to feed them, but the weather was rainy and I didn't want their food to get all wet and soggy. I thought that would make it unedible and that they would be hungry. So one of the very last things I did before I went to sleep on the night before we flew out of town was make what I call "food stations."

I bought 2 large plastic storage containers and with each one, I cut a hole large enough for the cats to fit through. I then put their food bowls inside, and there was enough room for them to eat inside the station if it was raining.

Mr. Gray

Smokey and Mr. Gray both depend on me for daily food. I know they could probably hunt for mice or other small critters, but they wait for me everyday and their bowl of kibbles. And recently, I have started to feed them canned food too because it is so cold outside and I think they need more padding to keep them warm.

I've grown attached to these two. They help make up our 5 cat family. Please God, don't send me any more! My arms are full.


Angel and Kirby said...

That is a good idea. I feed two kitties, too! This would be a good idea for them. Do you do anything for them to bed down in?

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh, great idea! Our Teri is going to make one for TomTom and Mama Katz today!

Katnip Lounge said...

Those shelters are great! We have 13 Cats, I don't want any more to show up either! At least for a while ;-)

Eric and Flynn said...

It is very good of you to feed Smokey and Mr. Gray. They are very handsome. The feeding stations are a good idea.

The Cat Guy said...

I am always pleased to hear of others who have more cats than me, makes me feel less crazy to have 4 cats! :)

Deborah Strickland said...

Great idea. I too have an outdoor that adopted us 9 years ago. She was quite wild for the first two years but she's mostly friendly and we can pet her, she sits in my lap if I stay still. We can't play with her like we do our indoor cats but she clearly loves the attention. She is spayed and stays in the backyard befriending the goldfish in the pond. We built a heated shelter with a thermostat that we can monitor from inside the house. It is in a covered area away from rain and wind. We also have a kittycam in the area where the shelter is. One recent problem yet to be solved is the automated feeder stops working when the temps get too low (teens). The plastic water bowl also freezes over.