Thursday, May 5, 2011

Da Bird

My cat Motor is obsessed. In an effort to start to play more with Tiger and Motor, I purchased a toy named "Da Bird." Some of you may all ready know about this toy. It was a hit with Motor from the very beginning.

Feathers are attached to a long string, then a thin pole. When you wave the pole around, you can get the feathers to "fly" in a way that is very intriguing to a cat. Motor follows me to see where I put it away or where I get it from.

He truly is obsessed with this toy. We have gone through 3 of the feather attachments so far. When he catches "Da Bird," he growls at Tiger to keep him away. I have never heard him growl before until this toy.

One time when we were playing, Motor caught the toy, started growling at Tiger, and then carried the toy to the back of the house, like it was his prey. Little did I know, he also had a dead lizard back in the same area. Ugh! That was gross.

My husband and I call that toy simply "bird," If I use the word bird when Motor is around, he knows exactly what I am talking about. Now I spell b-i-r-d if I want to refer to Motor's toy.

Right now the bird is put away. I need to get more birds for Motor to continue to play. And I will. I want him to have fun and he does with this toy.

I know, Motor would give this toy 2 kitty thumbs up.


The Cat Guy said...

Thanks for posting the photos, very timely! I've got to get my Nahum and Rose one of these, they will go bonkers over it!

We can never have too many toys!

Katnip Lounge said...

We have something like that, and Momm has to hide it in the garage!

Angel and Kirby said...

Mom has to hide our feather wand toys in a different place every time cause we try to get the drawer open!