Tuesday, August 16, 2011


If you have ever been a dog guardian, you have probably experienced this before. I am new to being a dog guardian so I found this to be surprising and somewhat humorous.

Our new dog Jack is ready for a walk at any time. He could be sleeping, and if he hears the sound of keys, he knows someone is going out, and he is hoping that it is him.

One afternoon when Scott and I were both home working, we noticed that Jack went to the door to go out, but we were not ready to take a walk with him. My husband told him to go lay down, then he and I went on our merry ways, and went back to work. Little did we know Jack was still at the door, waiting.

About a half hour later, I went into Scott's office and asked him where Jack was. He didn't know, so we looked and when we finally found him, he was still sitting at the door. I couldn't believe it but he was there the whole time. He didn't move.

Every night, I have gotten into the habit of taking Jack for a walk right after I come home from work. He loves it, and I do too. I love watching the joy he gets from running and tugging and smelling and peeing on practically everything we pass. It brings me joy too. And we both get to get some exercise too.

Jack is my new buddy, but he will never replace my orange boys. Tiger and Motor have adjusted to Jack pretty well by now. If I could just figure out how to stop Tiger from biting Motor just out of the blue, all will be good at The Very Best Cats.

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