Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Video: My Cat Tiger Loves Shoes

I know I have shared that Tiger has a shoe fetish.  Well there are one person's shoes he loves the most.

 My husband has a group of speakers that meet at our house about once a month.  As soon as Richard enters the house, Tiger is in the room, and all over Richard's shoes.  There is no one other than Richard that he does this with.  He can go on and on unless moved away.  I had my husband take this video because I think it is very funny.


Angel and Kirby said...

THat is so funny! I guess Richard does not mind?

Mr Puddy said...

Ha..Ha..Ha.. OMC !!! Did Richard put nip on his shoe ?
Thanks for good laf ; )

Tiger Bead Store, The Very Best Cats said...

Richard is very patient with Tiger. He lets him rub his shoes and just laughs at the oddness of it all.