Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to Apply Flea Medicine to Your Pet

So, a few posts ago, I asked for helpful advice for applying flea medicine to my cats.  Both cats seem to know even before I open the medicine that it is that time again, and they flee.  And the last time we put medicine on Tiger, it was such a struggle for him and me.  It was an awful experience.

Motor:  Hey, something just bit me?
Yesterday, I went to our local pet store to buy some more medicine and I just happened to ask the clerk if she had any advice.   At first she said she didn't.  Then when she thought a little longer she suggested wrapping the cats in a towel so that their paws were covered and they couldn't scratch.  And another person there suggested closing the door to the room you are in so the cat cannot run out.  I had also read somewhere about giving them treats as a reward and praising them when it was all done.

I have to report that this time, applying the medicine went so much better.  I scooped up the cats, one at a time of course, and my husband put the medicine on.  We were done very quickly.  You do have to watch out for your cat trying to retreat backwards to get out of the towel.  Right afterward, I gave them both a treat, and their soft food dinner.  This alleviated the distance and mistrust they usually have with me for a few hours afterward.

I wanted to share this information because it was very helpful for me and I hope it will be helpful for others with pets who hates to get their flea medicine, 


Angel and Kirby said...

You got some very good advise! My DIL wraps her kitties in towels to treat and clip claws!

Tiger Bead Store, The Very Best Cats said...

That is more good advice. Thanks. We could use that advice also.