Sunday, October 30, 2011

Something Miraculous

First I will start and say that all is well with the critters at The Very Best Cats.  Right now, Motor is sleeping on his perch by the window, and I'm sure Tiger is sleeping in my office on the chair with the snuggie blanket.  And Jack is here, resting at my feet.  It's a quiet autumn sunday and all is well.

Last last tuesday it was all but quiet.  At 10:30 am, I get a call from my husband while I am at work.  The first thing he tells me is that he is all right.  All right?  What does that mean?  Next thing he tells me is that he got hit by a car while riding his bike into town.  Now I am on hyper alert.  Hit by a car?  What happened?  Where are you?  He then proceeds to tell me that he is in the emergency room.  The ambulance picked him up and took him there to make sure he was OK.  So off to the emergency room I go.

I come to find out that when my husband was hit by the car,  he flew into and smashed the car windshield.  Then he rolled over (flew over) the rest of her car and landed on the street, on his head,  about 15 feet away from her car.  This could have been very bad.  It could have changed both of our lives dramatically.  Scott ended up with a gash on the leg that was hit.  Nothing broken.  And he is very sore all over.  Places that he did not even know he had are sore.  But as far as we know, that is it.  He had a bike helmet on.  That is a very important factor.

Miraculous?  I would say so.  Amazing?  I'd say that too.  Thankful and grateful are 2 other words I would also use.

I think that I am still in shock to think that this really did happen, and now he is off taking Jack, our dog, for a walk.  It's almost as if nothing happened.  But it did.

I would like to thank all the people in our community that helped my husband through this whole ordeal, and all the people who have shown their concern and caring this last week.  I know this has helped his spirit greatly as he moves through his healing process. Thank you to all.     


Katnip Lounge said...


Purrs from The Horde to your husband...I had a similar phone call once; I know exactly your feelings.

Thank goodness he's OK.

Cat said...

Oh my gosh, MIRACLE is right. We are so glad that you husband was not hurt!!!

Thank you for visiting today and for the happy Gotcha wishes :-)

Mr Puddy said...

Thank COD !!! Your husband is safe !!! and nothing broken ! I purrs for his healing.
Please Take Care
and Big hugs to you

Angel and Kirby said...

He was very lucky. Thank goodness he was not hurt badly! That is a scary call to get. I received a call from emergency for my hubby but I was 3 and a half hours away! That was panic time. Thankfully our daughter was within 20 miles of him and went to be with him till I could get home the next day!

The Cat Guy said...

Yikes!! Much to be thankful for. I'm really glad to hear he is alright. So, so scary. 6 years ago this coming Tuesday, I received a similar call from my wife at the ER. Thankfully, she also experienced a miracle that day.

I thank God for your miracle and pray for quick healing of Scott's leg, mind and heart. Many purrs.

Oh, and you might consider telling Scott to never leave the house again!