Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who's in the Catio

(Motor on left, Tiger on right)
Hey Tiger.  Guess who is in the catio again?
I don't know Motor.  I was sleeping.  Who is in the catio?

Come out and look.

Motor, will you just tell me.

It's that dog Jack.  Bad enough we have to share Mom with him.  Now he wants to take over the catio.  Doesn't he know the catio is for CATS?  Tiger, call Mom and have her get him out of here.
Mom!  Motor wants you to get the dog out of here.
MOM!  She doesn't seem to hear us from here Motor.

No.  But I do.  What do you two clowns think?  That I am deaf and can't hear you?
(in a hushed voice)  Tiger, I didn't think he would understand.  I thought he spoke a another language.


Cat said...

What was he's not called a dogio!!

Angel and Kirby said...

We hope he does not bother you two!