Sunday, July 15, 2012

Long Time Away

It has been 2 weeks since our last post.  That is a long time for The Very Best Cats to stay away from blogging.  Here is a quick recap of our last weeks.

While I was away visiting mt husband's family and helping him with business, my sister took care of Tiger and Motor so they could stay in the home.  A much better situation than staying in a kennel.  All was fine with the boys.  She came and spent time with them on each visit so they could get some love time in.  We are very thankful for her help.

At the same time, Jack stayed with his Aunt Joyce aka, his day sitter.  She takes very good care of him.  Actually her husband would like to adopt Jack he likes him so much.  That won't happen as long as I am around.  I'm too attached.  If you don't remember, this is my husband's dog that I seem to take care of quite often.  He's my good buddy so it is OK.

This morning when I woke up, I had Tiger and Jack on the bed with me.  We just hung out there together for a while.  Then when Jack jumped off the bed, he started coughing/choking.  Didn't seem very unusual except he started falling over and I knew, from one time before this, that he couldn't breathe.  His whole body went limp and I knew I had to do something quick.  I didn't remember exactly what we did the time before.  I know my husband held him up under his front legs to expand his chest area so I did that.  I just kept holding him, and I tried different positions, but the under the front legs hold seemed to work the best.  Then I just held and rocked him for a while.  Within 5 minutes, he was OK enough to walk and keep his balance.  Now he is back to his old self again.  Right now he is sleeping, glued to my leg as I write.

It was a scary part of my morning, and I was on my own with him.  I don't know what I would have done if he did not respond right away.  I'm just grateful that he did.

So that was our last 2 weeks.  I am back to work tomorrow after having 2 weeks off of vacation time.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this last week with plenty of time to hand with all my boys.  I will miss that. 

We hope everyone has a wonderful sunday.  We will do our best too. 


Eric and Flynn said...

That must have been very scary, and we are glad Jack recovered well. When our Humans go on holiday we have our holiday auntie come in twice a day to feed us and scoop. We agree that it is better than having to go in kennels.

Angel and Kirby said...

I am so glad that Jack is OK! I know that was very scary!

The Cat Guy said...

Glad Jack recovered, have you recovered from that? I think it would take me a long long time to settle after something like that. Has the vet said what was causing that to happen? Sure sounds scary.

Two weeks vacation sure sounds nice. We did that in May/June and it was great! I'm ready for another! Hope the return to work goes well.

Katnip Lounge said...

Gosh, I don't think I could spend two weeks away from the fur kids! Glad they had a good "sitter".
Whew, good thing you were there for Jack!