Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day and My Bad Dream

We had a nice, quiet Christmas here at The Very Best Cats.  We were going to have friends over for a late afternoon dinner and movie, but one of my friends couldn't make it because she was getting sick, and because I was still sick, we decided to cancel dinner.  So Scott and I and the furry folks just spent the day together. 

It was pretty low key.  We had presents, holiday music, a nice chicken lunch, and naptime.  We made a simple healthy dinner and watched a Christmas movie, "Love Actually."  Oh, and I tried a new biscotti cookie recipe that turned out great! The cookies have coconut, cranberry, and pistachios in them.  Yum.  I don't bake very often so I was very happy when these were as good as I had hoped for.

Even though it was not how I had originally planned the day to be,  I am still happy with how it turned out.

So my Christmas nightmare.  I had a difficult time getting to sleep to begin with.  Then when I fell asleep, I dreamed that I was visiting the house I grew up in and as I was climbing the steps from the first floor to the second floor, all I could see was kittens, lots and lots of ginger kittens, like what Tiger and Motor looked like when they were small.  There were a few calicos in the kitten mix, but they were almost all gingers.  I'd say there had to be 30 or more kittens. 

I know, that you know, I love my gingers.  But in this dream, all I could think about was where are all these cats coming from?  How did they get into the house?  And most of all, how am I going to find homes for all of them?  I was overwhelmed.

And then Tiger woke me up.  End of dream. 

But it made me think, I bet this is how many people who are working with animals in shelters, as rescuers, etc., come to feel about all the homeless animals they work with everyday.  Each adoption must feel like a celebration.  And is.  My thanks goes out to all the individuals that are a part of this process, finding homes for the homeless.  You make my nightmare, a manageable reality, by placing animals in homes everyday.  My sincerest thanks and gratitude to you all.  You are my heroes.     


Angel and Kirby said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. THe cookie looks yummy. THat was a nightmare!

Mr Puddy said...

My heroes too ! I purrs heap ! And hope every kitties find a good forever home !

Eric and Flynn said...

I hope you are soon feeling better. I find that I also have all sorts of strange dreams when I am not feeling well.