Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Today I Am Blessed

Right now, I feel blessed.  I am sitting in my bed writing, with my furry boys with me.  Motor and Jack right by my side, Tiger down by the foot of the bed, looking a little disgruntled.  Disgruntled?  Yes.  Probably because Motor and Jack are right by my side.

Tiger on the left.
 It is another rainy day.  I like to keep the window open in the room when it rains because I like the sound.  Both Tiger and Motor like to watch the rain also, just like their Mom.

I started today out like I started yesterday.  Once I had my breakfast and coffee, I held Jack in my lap and rubbed his belly till he fell asleep, for maybe a half hour.  It is such an enjoyable thing to do for both he and I.  Something I would recommend to all pet guardians.  Take some time in the morning to slow down and be with your pet.  It is a great way to start the day.  It will probably help lower you blood pressure.  And raise the enjoyment of your life index, if there is such a thing.  And create a stronger bond between you and your pet.

Time spent with our pets is never wasted.  It enriches both of our lives.  And creates more love.  And all of our worlds need more of that.   


Eric and Flynn said...

That is a good way to spend some relaxing time.

The Cat Guy said...

Yes, daily time with pets is the best! Each of my cats has their daily routines! Morning, midday and nightly tummy rubs with Buddy. Bath time with Buddy, Morning in-side snuggles with Oliver, play time with Nahum, Theo snuggles all through out the day and Willow tummy rubs whenever she wants! Hershey gets his evening play before bed. It's a wonder I have any time for work! Ha!