Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - A New Gift Store for Animal Lovers

I started a new online business about a month ago that I wanted to share.  It is called PAWsome Art and this new business combines my love of animals, with my love for art and creating beautiful things. will carry jewelry, cards, prints and art for animal lovers.  Currently, there is jewelry and cards, and soon I will be adding prints, all designed by me.  This is a business I hope to grow and add to for a long time.  I have a love for most animals, but cats and dogs are my true inspiration so a lot of what I carry will be cat and dog related.

(As I write this, I am surrounded by all my pets.  Help!  I am sitting on my couch and I have Motor on my left side,  Jack on my right, and Tiger on the cat climbing furniture, right in front of me.  I was gone this morning, so now they have a need to huddle around me.  They are all relaxing, they have their eyes closed, but I know what they are really waiting for is for me to feed them.  It's getting close to dinner time.) 

I want to share a few of the items that I have made for my new store...

A cool kitty necklace.

Another cool cat necklace, this one with the artwork of my favorite vintage artist, Louis Wain.
This shows a lose up portion of a gorgeous necklace with a crane.  This is a one of a kind piece. 
Love paw pendant.
This is a favorite of mine:  Peace, Love Rescue.

This is one of my cards, and yes, that is Motor.  It has my most favorite animal quote on it: "When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal.  I see a friend.  I feel a soul."  There are also prints available of this.  They are just not up in the store yet.
Another cat card.
And another cat card.

With all of my sales from my PAWsome Art gift items, I am donating 5-10% of my profits to animal related causes:  rescues and shelters, spay and neuter, and hopefully more.  These causes are very important to me, and this is a way that I can help for now.  I hope to do more as this business grows.  It maybe small, but all ready I have been able to donate $15.00 to Miranda's Rescue, the rescue we adopted Jack from, and $15.00 to another local non profit that is collecting funds to open a dog park. 

I hope you come by and take a look at my new store.  And please, tell your friends about it too.   And if you are on Facebook, please "like" my PAWsomeArt page.  Here is that link:

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